The cult of health and beauty has a lasting importance for centuries, people aspire to the perfect harmony of body and spirit since ancient times. Oscar Wilde said: "The secret of life is a quest for beauty." Source of real beauty is in the relation of every person to themselves, in their will to maintain the health, appearance and spirit in perfect balance.

The dream of a radiant and smooth skin, tight and harmonious body, thick and beautiful hair, the desire to get rid of scars and imperfections is inherent to every person, regardless of gender, age or race. The pursuit of beauty and perfection is a natural impulse of human nature and modern life requires us to be perfect in every sphere of life and it relates increasingly to our appearance.

Since 2009 we offer in our salons products and services with uncompromising quality and professionalism and develop continually forward, selecting innovative technology with proven efficiency and optimal results.

Our brand - new salon in the heart of Burgas is with the latest high-tech equipment for non-invasive/ non-surgical correction of face and body, unique in the city and region and with peremptory rating in the world of contemporary aesthetics. Our technologies are represented only in the most established clinics for beauty worldwide.

Our mission as professionals is to show the way to your dreamy vision, to reveal your beauty and give the confidence you deserve! It's nice to have a youthful spirit but it's even more wonderful to look at the age which we feel!

Share with us your desire for correction and dream of beauty and we will approach individually with respect to any particular aesthetic case to find the most appropriate professional solution.

We really value the beauty and harmony, trust us!

Д-р Албена Чолакова

Dr. Albena Cholakova is one of the leading specialists in the fields of Clinical dermatology and Aesthetic medicine in Bulgaria. She graduated with honors from the Medical University - Plovdiv in 2001. In 2006 acquired specialty GENERAL MEDICINE, and after another four-year training course in Dermatological clinic at Medical University - Plovdiv acquired specialty DERMATOLOGY. Dr. Cholakova has a top medical practice since 2001 and is currently teaching at the Department of Dermatology and Venereology in Medical University – Plovdiv. After 2006 has devoted all her scientific researches and interests entirely to CLINICAL DERMATOLOGY and AESTHETIC MEDICINE. She has taken part in some of the most prestigious European and national conferences, master classes and practical courses in Aesthetic medicine, Dermatology and Dermatosurgery.

Participation in congresses, conferences and scientific symposium:

  • Global Aesthetics Academy (Perfectha, Ellanse, Aqualyx, Alidya) Nov.2016
  • Medical Aesthetics Academy ALLERGAN , Workshop on Vicross technology products and Vistabel, 2015
  • Summer Academy in Dermatology and Aesthetic Medicine, Med. Academy Sofia -practical course Dermatosurgery and Dermatopathology 2014 – 2011
  • Anti-Aging Medicine World Congress Monte Carlo, Monaco 2009
  • European Masters in Aesthetic and Anti-Aging Medicine EMMA 2009, 2010, Paris, France
  • Sofia Dermatological days "Professor Dr. Assen Durmishlshev"
  • Regional dermatological conferences

Participation in master classes and practical courses:

Ulthera терапия
  • Master class MERZ AESTHETICS – ULTHERAPY, Radiesse, Bocouture, Barcelona August 2016
  • Master class ALLERGAN , Advanced application, 2016
  • Master class “Anatomy of the face and injection techniques” - dissection of anatomical model and live demonstrations, 1st and 2nd edition, 2015 , 2016
  • Training course for PROMOITALIA HAPPY LIFT THREADS, 2015
  • Training course for Injection technique Teosyal Pen,2015
  • Master class My Cli, Treviso , Italy , 2014
  • Master class My Cli, Filling and biorevitalization for a full face restoration, 2012
  • Course for obtaining a certificate for conducting procedures with Botulinum Toxin Type A, 2009
  • Injection Training Course for the Teosyal Range of Products, 2007

Our team members are highly qualified in their specialty and further trained in certification programs of our American, Italian and French partners.

  • ULTHERAPY® - ULTHERA SYSTEM, USA – the world's only patented technology for non-invasive, but in the same time radical deep tissue lifting of whole face and neck with micro-focused ultrasound approved by the most rigorous supervisory authority in the field of Health - US agency FDA. «see more»
  • EXIMIA, ITALY - exclusive Italian patent for correction the contours of body and face. It is a worthy alternative to surgical liposuction and a unique combination of two effective technologies: four-phase vacuum massage (endolifting) and cavitational ultraporation. «see more»
  • MULTIWELL EFFIDRAIN, FRANCE – pressotherapy (mechanical lymphatic drainage) equipment of latest generation with VODDER compression technology and clinically proven efficiency of programs for detox, weight loss, reduction of swelling, prevention of varicose, stimulating blood flow, improving skin`s elasticity and tissue respiration. «see more»
  • REGEN TriPollar™, ISRAEL – repeatedly surpassing older mono- and bi-polar RF-devices, this high-tech aesthetic platform works with patented third generation RF technology TriPollar ™ and it is clinically proven solution for immediate, painless and effective results in facial contouring, regeneration and skin tightening of the face, neck, arms, abdomen, body sculpting, cellulite and fat deposits reduction. «see more»
  • Venus Legacy
  • MULTIWELL, France
  • Venus Velocity