Weight loss and skin elasticity improvement

Innovative system EXIMIA by JANUS (ITALY)

EXIMIA is an exclusive Italian patent, worthy alternative to surgical liposuction and a real find for those who want to get rid of excess volumes and cellulite! The uniqueness of the product is that it incorporates two effective technologies: four-phase vacuum massage (endolift) and cavitational ultraporation, allowing not only to affect the subcutaneous fatty tissue, but also to get rid of deeper and more extensive fat deposits. EXIMIA technology allows you to burn local fat deposits, to reduce the volume of the body and puffiness, to smooth cellulite (even stage 3 and 4), to improve skin and muscles tone and to reduce stretch marks.



Endolift is four-phase vacuum massage with change of positive and negative pressure. Such active effect improves the lymph drainage and microcirculation, accelerates the removal of the cleavage products of the broken adipocytes and improves the elastic properties of the skin.

Cavitational ultraporation

Cavitational ultraporation effects strongly on cells from subcutaneous fatty tissue, using ultrasound and electrical impulses. Due to the effect of ultrasonic waves with a low frequency occurs destruction of fat vacuoles and leakage of their contents into the extracellular space. The electrical pulse further potentiates the action of ultrasound, by increasing the sensitivity of cells to it through the opening of the pores in the cell membranes.


In contrast to LPG technologyq which relies only on the vacuum massage, the patented system EXIMIA further affects the fat cells with low frequency ultrasound and electrical pulses. The procedure is safe and is done on the body without a protective suit, because acts according the individually selected program (from 22) and does not cause vascular injury.