Криотерапия Бургас

Cryotherapy - affordable and extremely efficient method for more radiant and smooth skin, more healthy and strong hair!

The cryomassage is local cryotherapy method that combines elements of massage and brief effect on the tissue with a very low temperature. Due to the physical and reflex effects of cold on the tissue nerve endings vessels secretory apparatus and muscles the cryomassage heals and rejuvenates the skin, renews the epidermis, enhances stamina, fights with strong pigmentation. The cryomassage recommended at age transformations of skin ageing, loss of elasticity and density, the occurrence of early mimic wrinkles, dark circles under problematic skin, dry and greasy seborrhea, acne, rosacea, atopic dermatitis, keratomas and hyperpigmentation.

Healing and cosmetic effect of the cryomassage based on analgesic, anti-inflammatory action and antihypoxic artificial cold and its ability to improve blood circulation and lymph, boost immune function and activity of the cells of the dermis. Thanks to the activation of metabolic processes in the skin improves its nutrition and tone, heal sores, redness and swelling, normalizes the function of sebaceous glands.

Recommended procedures cryomassage course includes 10-15 sessions 2-3 times a week, to maintain good skin tone round suffice 2 course. As a result of the procedures skin becomes radiant and smooth, finely smoothing wrinkles disappear inflammation, regulate sebum secretion, tightens facial contours are.

The cryomassage head solves problems related to violation of lipid exchange of the scalp, hair loss and poor condition, neuralgia and headaches. The procedure not only activates hair growth, but also significantly improves its appearance and structure - the hair becomes stronger, elastic and shiny. Due to the quenching arises vasospastic followed by their expansion, resulting in improved blood flow and nutrition to the hair follicles, thereby awakening even "idle" bulbs and fully stimulate growth. Acting reflex skin through the autonomic nervous system, the cryomassage of the scalp stimulates circulation and biochemical reactions in cells and activates the metabolism. As a result of this arises in a good supply of oxygen to the scalp and the necessary trace elements and vitamins, and the increased blood supply and feeding the hair follicles stimulated transition of the follicle from the resting stage in the active stage of growth.

Recommended Course procedures cryomassage head includes 10-15 sessions 2-3 times a week. The improvement was observed after the first sessions and full course leads to significantly strengthen hair, prevent hair loss, regaining density and silky shine.