Pressure Therapy/Lymph Drainage in Burgas, Bulgaria by MULTIWELL (FRANCE)

What is the pressure therapy (pressure massage, lymph drainage)?

This is one of the most effective and comfortable treatments for the removal of the cellulite and other related effects of a sedentary lifestyle. The procedure is widely used to stimulate blood flow, removal of toxins and the slag, and also reduces and normalizes the weight.

Why do we need pressure therapy?

Pressure therapy has multilateral effects on the body: stimulates the exchange of extracellular fluid, improves blood flow, saturates the tissues with oxygen. Consequently, in a natural way improves the elasticity of skin, reduces the swelling, eases fatigue legs. The pressure therapy successfully helps in the prevention and treatment of early stages of varicose. Finally - the pressure therapy is a great way to rest. After it we feel pleasant relief all over the body.

What is the principle of action?

The basis of the procedure is the compression technology that is developed specifically for improving blood circulation in the body. Management Computer System regulates the compression of multi compressor pants that inflate and deflate by pumping. During the procedure, the patient puts on a "suit", which is inflated with air, and the pressure massage starts by rhythmic rotation of the pressure and the break by the air pressure waves. It is these waves produce the required effect on the skin, subcutaneous fatty tissue, muscles, and deep venous and lymph nodes, helps for the recovery of lymph flow and the venous blood flow. This is one of the basic principles of procedure: lymph not only foods and protects our body, but purifies it and pressure therapy purges from the body excess fluid and harmful substances. This increases the rate of metabolism and improves blood flow to the muscles, and oxygenation (oxygen saturation of blood and tissue) helps to lose weight and has a healing effect on the cellulite affected areas.