Removal of wrinkles under eyes, around mouth & on forehead

Correction of mimic wrinkles

This is an injection method based on the introduction of botulinum toxins. The main task of the preparations of this group is to block nerve transmission and to loose the muscle. Thus, the zone is completely released from the activity, which leads to the smoothing of the skin and thus to smooth wrinkles. Every day on our face reflect our emotions, small nets of wrinkles, deep and long grooves "settle" on it, with age they become an integral part of our appearance. Preparations for correction (Botox, Dysport, Azalyur) have an effect on forehead wrinkles, on wrinkles between eyebrows and around the eyes. During the development of the methodology the task was not only to smooth the skin, but with this to preserve face mimics. It is important that people around you notice the freshness of your look!